There are only five medically “healthy foods”


Although green-yellow vegetables containing β-carotene are thought to be useful in preventing diseases, if β-carotene is extracted from green-yellow vegetables .

Taken as a supplement, it conversely causes bladder cancer and lung cancer (but only for smokers). ) Increased incidence , studies have shown penis envy mushrooms.

Although there are no studies showing that lycopene is harmful, there are no studies showing that taking the extracted lycopene can prevent illness or reduce mortality (lycopene intake).

A small study was published in 2007 and 2013 that the bad [LDL] cholesterol was reduced by, but there is no study result that actually prevented diseases such as cerebral infarction). 

It is a good example of what kind of “food” you eat is important and you should not be bound by the “ingredients” contained in it.

The idea that “100% fruit juice is good for your health” is also incorrect. In fact, it is known that fruit juice and unprocessed fruit have a 180-degree difference in health effects.

Doctors and nutritionists are not always right

Some may think, “But doctors and nutritionists said that …”. Having a professional qualification seems to convey the right thing, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

Even the medical school in the United States has been accused of not spending enough time teaching diet and nutrition, but it seems that it is even later in Japan.

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