What Is Mungus Mushroom?

If you’re wondering what the Mungus mushroom is, you’re not alone. There are many different types of mushrooms in the game, and a little bit of knowledge can go a long way.

This fungus is unique to the Overworld, as it is the only one to have a full-exposure lid. As such, it’s considered an exotic mushroom and is a great cure for a variety of mental ailments.

Mungi are passive fantasy mobs that spawn in Mushroom Fields. They have a Villager-like nose and large Guardian-like eyes, and a back covered with mushroom spores.


These mobs spawn with one or two mushrooms, and they will respawn whenever you kill them. There are two types of Mungi – a normal Mungi and a baby Mungus.

Penis Envy Cubensis, another psychedelic mushroom, is a penis-shaped mushroom that produces a remarkably strong euphoric high. It is also a powerful hallucinogen, causing hallucinations and altering perceptions. It can temporarily impair decision-making abilities.

While Mungus mushrooms are popular and available in many parts of the world, be sure to do your research before trying them.

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