Public or private hospitals: where can I be treated with health insurance?

The topic of the difference between private insurance and public insurance was mentioned because it goes one hundred percent hand in hand with the question that corresponds to this article. 

Public insurance is usually focused only on a certain group of hospitals and doctors of the same nature, that is, specific public clinics depending on the institution that grants the health insurance. 

Generally, the clinic or hospital where you should be treated, if you have public health insurance, is decided based on your address. You always choose the one closest to you for any emergency, that is, you don’t decide it.

On the other hand, private insurance usually offers many more possibilities in this regard, giving policyholders the freedom to choose where they want to be treated according to the event that occurs. They also have a wide range of specialists to always obtain a good and fast service.

Of course, the above does not mean that public insurance is bad. You can also receive excellent care, but the selection possibilities are reduced. 

In addition, depending on the illness or discomfort you present, they can send you to a place far from your city because not all hospitals or clinics have the necessary technology to treat all ailments and they cannot send you to a hospital that does not belong to the same public entity. 

The foregoing implies more time and, of course, a waiting list, since public hospitals tend to have much more demand and the time of attention tends to be prolonged, even in serious situations. 

Due to this, more and more people choose to have both benefits. In this way, they can choose whether to use one or the other according to the event they suffer to give it a quick and much more effective resolution and avoid putting their well-being at risk. 


Health is a subject that does not allow skimping. Therefore, the best option, if you have access to public health insurance, is to think seriously about the possibility of acquiring a private one as a complement. 

This way you will be able to enjoy the comfort, immediacy and personalization offered by the private alternative. 

Likewise, you will have much greater freedom to choose which hospital you want to attend to based on its experience, the trust it transmits in you and its location. 

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